Alpha's Entertainment LLC

ABout Solo

Alpha’s Entertainment, LLC is a famous music company owned by Michael Rozier (SOLO). We direct recording sessions, guide the mixing, mastering and recording. We gather ideas and inspiration for projects and develop the vision and direction for each project. We also suggest changes to instrumentation, effects, and lyrics, and arrays compositions. Alpha’s Entertainment help artists create, write, master, record, and publish their work from beginning to end. 

About us

Tae Roz

Tae Roz is a famous writer and artist. Alpha’s Entertainment recorded Tae Roz’s First Single “FFL” which released on September 16, 2021.

TAE ROZ, Calvin Talent Scout & Doc Bongo

Calvin is a famous Talent Scout that I am proud to work with Doc Bongo Sony Music Rep I am proud to work with as well.

Photo By Lance The Photographer. People I Have Worked With Along With TAE ROZ

That picture with DJ Trans and All of us is taken by Lance The Photographer for Mr. John Blassingame Hype Magazine.